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  • 1960 The first Lee's was established on Red Hills Road in Kingston Jamaica by Richard and Icyline Lee along with Richard’s father, Eustace Lee. 

  • 1992 - Xxtra Supermarket in Red Hills Mall was purchased, renovated and rebranded as Lee's Xxxtra Supermarket as a part of the Lee's Group. A '3 price' wholesale system was implemented at that location, one of the first in the island. 

  • 1996 - 86 Red Hills Road location was renovated and reopened.

  • 1997 - Lee's Pharmacy opens at 86 Red Hills Road

  • 2002 - The second Pharmacy and Supermarket are opened at the newly built Boulevard SuperCentre.

  • 2015 - Lee's Food Fair on Red Hills Road was renovated and rebranded with new decor and logo to enhance the customers shopping experience.  

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